Saturday, September 12, 2009

Triage Premieres in Toronto; Colin Farrell Talks Jamie Sives in New Interview

Thanks ever so much to Mary and for the heads up about a great new interview with Colin Farrell before the premiere of his new film "Triage" directed by Danis Tanovic. To my great delight, in this video interview from, Colin mentions working with his co-star Jamie Sives, noting they had a good camaraderie. More importantly the excellent Colin Farrell says of Jamie "He's great, he's a wonderful actor, he's a really good man"

FANTASTIC! Couldn't agree more :) What class, thank you Colin Farrell!

As noted previously of course, Triage did premiere tonight at the film festival in Toronto. Early photos can be seen of director Danis Tanovic and of course Colin Farrell here via Zimbio

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