Friday, August 7, 2009

Followup: More on New Town Killers DVD Due October 19th

A few weeks ago I posted this news regarding the October 19th DVD release date set for Richard Jobson's New Town Killers, which of course stars Dougray Scott, and Sigmas own Alastair Mackenzie. You could also pre-order from
DVD Times has more now on the DVD this week, confirming there will indeed be a directors commentary, as well as "Behind the Scenes: ‘New Town Killers – the story’ " You can also pre-order the standard edition and the Blu-Ray from (which I do all the time, shipping is not too bad to the states), as well as from Borders, with fans in Australia also able to pre-order here. The Amazon descript reads as follows:

Product Description
Cat & mouse thriller tells the story of two bankers who offer Sean the chance to clear his sister s debt on the condition that he can hide from them for 12 hours on the streets of Edinburgh. Sean accepts the offer and soon realises it s a tragic game of life and death that the bankers will stop at nothing to win.

With a premise that suggests an early 21st century variation on David Fincher's paranoia classic THE GAME (1997), NEW TOWN KILLERS stars Dougray Scott as Alistair, a slimy, icewater-veined financier who gets his kicks and thrills by targeting human prey. His modus operandi involves bringing in an innocent young candidate for a new job, Jamie Stewart (Alastair Mackenzie) and demanding as a prerequisite that the two play a mysterious game together. They must find a down-and-outer and challenge him to escape from their clutches over the course of one long and fateful night. The "prey" on this occasion is Sean McDonald (James Anthony Pearson), an inner-city teen with a serious problem on his hands: his pregnant sister risks being killed by the thugs to whom she owes gambling money. Alistair informs the young man that if he manages to evade them in their chase, he will receive enough money to clear off the towering gambling debts of his pregnant sister; if he loses, he will be killed. Out of concern for his sister, Sean agrees to the contest, though victory seems impossible for two major reasons: first, the crafty Alistair has closed all major exit routes from the city without informing Sean of this, and second, Alistair secretly plants a tracking device on Sean that the young man isn't aware of.

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