Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Look! Alastair Mackenzie in "Monster Mutt" WoooF!

Check it out, our first look at Sigma's own the ever fabulous Alastair Mackenzie
in his new film MONSTER MUTT
ajkajkjaahahaha AWESOME!

HOT HAIR BABE, and lolz to those flipflops ahahaha
Pictured with Al is Rhiannon Leigh Wryn. Alastair Mackenzie (co-founder of Sigma Films and yes thats him, the normally gorgeous laird from Monarch of the Glen) plays the part of "Monty" in this new family film from director Todd Tucker. You can see the whole cast list here via IMDB, importantly, find this pic and a slew more
HERE at the new official Facebook page for the movie.

Filming has now wrapped on the movie, which was shot on location in Santa Clarita California, and is due for release sometime next year. According to this article the Monster is described by the producer as a "giant, Clifford-type animatronic dog," which requires five people to operate. "We're trying to use as little digital as possible," he said. One of the challenges in making the film, Tucker said, was coming up with a believable monster dog that wasn't too scary for kids.

The film is being shot completely within the city of Santa Clarita, and Tucker, Lowry and line producer Seth William Meier had nothing but good things to say about working with the city's film office.Additionally, Lowry said the production commandeered Tucker's neighborhood for several days of shooting and wound up using several local kids as extras."This place films amazingly," Tucker said of Santa Clarita.

There is also a website, but dont get your hopes up with that script link-you need a password and I strongly suspect they wont be giving it to wee fans like us lol!


  1. Eh.. Hihihihahaha ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!! Flipflops! ... and the hair!! *giggles*

    Sorry, couldn't help it. :D

    Ahem.. We'll see how this turn out. I'm not sure what to think. I was right about what he was doing ;).

    PS. Sorry for not being here for a while. I'm having some personal issues in RL to deal with.

  2. Hi Marit!
    Sorry for not responding earlier, but so glad to see you again! I fully understand how pressures in life can bear on a person; hope things are turning the corner for you, and there will be good light good health and much joy for you and yours!

    I enjoy Al and his work so much; the fact he has no hesitation in looking like that makes me adore him more. I think this film looks really cute, and Im thrilled my son can go see something I write about here too lol :)

    Take care Marit, sending good thoughts your way!xxxx