Friday, August 28, 2009

Coming Soon:

Several years ago I went to buy a domain to build a proper fansite for my favorite son of Scotland, only to find it had been already registered. Today, thanks to fellow fan and friend Ollie, we know that a placecard is now online for heralding the words "coming soon."

Thanks much Jamie for doing an official site. Im afraid my blather here about this marvelous actor (and frankly pretty great guy and human being) will long continue lol sorry! I am also very confident many people will really love this official site and it will be a huge success for you; all best with that. Of course my offer to help remains forever lol but somehow Im thinking you have it covered.

Journalists/bloggers/inquiring minds who have been looking for info on Jamie Sives due to the upcoming Toronto Film Festival, you can learn more about his work in Valhalla Rising and Triage via my interview with Jamie at this link; my pics here at my Flickr with his officially released video online here at Youtube. Jamie also sings in a band the Conegatherers, which you can preview here.

1 comment:

  1. Squee............
    new pic of Jamie!!!
    Thanks Sue. What a lovely end to a very ordinary weekend for me (today was much better though!)

    Oh good, glad your "blather" will still continue here. Me likey! Keep up the great work.

    Yep, will look forward to an official Jamie site. :-)

    Beers, cheers and hugs.