Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wake Up, it's time for a Sives Sunday!

Wake up and enjoy a nice Sunday, complete with several new clips of Jamie Sives in action! He's so very good when he's highlighted by these new clips in particular from programs I've not been able to see in whole before: Waking the Dead and Trial and Retribution. I must I personally find Jamie utterly delicious (sorry crass but true) in this hot scene from Secret Diary which I've blogged about here before *swoon*, but be sure to check out another favorite and a lovely turn in Love and other Disasters. LaoD is screening again multiple times starting Sept 2 on Showtime. Enjoy!


  1. Aww I LOVE that movie! Thank you for posting this Sue!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Thanks for posting about these vids Sue.

    I haven't seen Waking the Dead, but read the synopsis of it just the other week.

    Jamie's character is just totally creepy in Trial & Retribution which I saw last month (hooray!), and this clip doesn't show the part that I totally cringed at!

    Loved seeing bits of Secret Diary again, and I have not yet seen LaoD! (bad fan girl). I so have to get that next time I order some DVD's - I also love Matthew Rhys!

    Thanks again Sue and thanks Chossy for uploading the vids!