Monday, August 24, 2009

Luci the Dog is an Outcast...but we still love him/her!

A fun bit of news today regarding a four footed friend of Sigma ;)

Thanks to Angela (and hinted at earlier by the director) we know that Luci, star of Colin Kennedy's upcoming short, "I Love Luci" is an OUTCAST...thats right, Wilson the dog also makes an appearance in Outcast w/Kate Dickie and James Nesbitt as "Bran" belonging to Mary and Fergal. ---------------->
WOOT! I love it! :) Thanks so much for the info Angela! :D You can read more about the making of I Love Luci here at the official blog.

I've heard from Colin recently and word is that hes is hard at work on another script (OOOH MORE PLEASE). Luci is in the final stages with some fine tuning at hand, as Colin hopes to be finished in September. GREAT NEWS COLIN, thanks much for that update. Cant wait to see the film!

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