Monday, August 3, 2009

Ashton Kutcher on David Mackenzie: Sensibility & Wit, Hal Ashby


Not sure if he actually saw my tweet-I think maybe he did but its just good pr regardless- but during the live press junket (noted below) Ashton Kutcher just gave a great few minutes interview where he spoke in high praise of Spread director David Mackenzie! Yes! Ashton spoke about after finding the script, the search that lead him to David, and noted David's fine work with Young Adam and Hallam Foe. He praised David's sensibility and wit in his current and past approach to these characters, shooting frank uncomfortable sex scenes in a classy manner, citing Hal Ashby along the way. He also praised David a great deal in relation to working on a tight budget and creatively figuring out how to shoot each scene as one (as opposed to extensive shoots of each scene) -all in all very enjoyable to watch Ashton speak with appreciation of the talent and input a director brings to the scene, in this case David Mackenzie and Spread.

Also, he spoke several times about David being from Scotland, so he perceived LA as a tourist and brought a fresh unjaded look to the film, as well as praising David for bringing a Indy filmmaker ie HONEST approach and look to the movie-very cool! :)

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