Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kate Dickie, James Nesbit Update: OutCast to Screen in New York Next March

Quick update today regarding the fabulous Kate Dickie, star of Sigma Films Red Road and the forthcoming Rounding Up Donkeys:

First: OutCast (btw NOT A SIGMA FILM lol), starring Kate and co-star James Nesbitt will be screening next March at the New York Irish Film Fleadh. The wonderful Digital Guerrillas have also done a 20 minute on set report, due out prob early next year, so stay tuned for that! Irish Central has an interview with the producer John McDonnall, who says of the film: “Accessing financing for new films in recession Ireland is a tough call. The challenge with Outcast is that although it was a horror-based script it was very based on Celtic mythology and its set between Ireland and Scotland. The Irish Film Board have been very supportive and our main focus was to attract Scottish financing,” said McDonnall.

Ireland has a great history of stories about the banshee and those kind of imaginary, mythic figures that exist within the natural world. This Irish spin was the inspiration that brought the script to life,“We just decided to work on those kind of themes based on the knowledge that there is an audience there who want to watch them. Our interest is in thrillers and that will be consistent going forward.

“We’re already in the postproduction stage with these two films and we’ve several projects in the pipeline already. The recession that we’re hearing about is a worldwide phenomena and its more difficult to raise money for any film than it was a couple of years ago but then it was harder a couple of years before that,” says McDonnall.“It’s getting increasingly difficult to raise money for films in Ireland but I think its down to the tenacity of the people involved to have faith in there project and keep going. "Wake Wood" and "Outcast" will represent two new important Irish supernatural thrillers and obviously we’ll be looking to the U.S. audience for releases later in the year.”

BRING IT ON here in the States woot! Also according to her agents Hunwick Hughes (Thanks for the great updates each month!), the wonderful Kate has been cast in Ridley Scott's adaptation of Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth WONDERFUL NEWS!

Finally, Kate has made new comments on her role in the acclaimed Advance Party Series as Jackie, in the second installment called Rounding Up Donkeys. While the movie appears to be in some sort of limbo for the moment I HAVE NO IDEA FOLKS SORRY, you can see scans of the comments here, here and here on my Flickr. (and yes totally I SUCK cause thats disorganized, blurgh will get it together one of these eons!)

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  1. Thanks for the updates again. Shame we're having to wait until March for Outcast, but good news if you're in New York I suppose! One can only hope that if it's ready by then it could make it into one or two other festivals that happen round about that time - Dublin and Glasgow at the end of February would be nice!