Monday, August 17, 2009

Spread the Monday After, Plus Send in Video Review to Ashton!

Not quite the morning after, but rather the Monday morning tally is in for the debut of "Spread" which opened in US and Canada theaters over the weekend. Box Office Mojo reports that David Mackenzie's "Spread" which screened in just 91 theaters took in an estimated $117,00. Combined totally US and the international total of over 2 million (reported previously do very well in France includes Denmark Norway Sweden) now stands at $2, 225, 151
Meanwhile, star Ashton Kutcher has issued a personal call to action of fans in the States and elsewhere who can see the film TO SEE IT again or tell your friend about it, SPREAD THE WORD, or as he pointed out, it simply wont generate enough money to warrant the further expansion in the US.

Finally, if you have seen the film, join in with others and vlog your review. Mail your review DIRECTLY to Ashton and it will be uploaded to the official Spread Review channel, here. Im so hesitant to vlog my report but think its another very clever move on their part to engage the movie going audience. If I do anything, I might do a ustream chat on all things Sigma Scottish film, ok a touch of Jamie ;would anyone show up for that, now that is the big question!

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  1. Sorry to report - I was one of only 2 people in the theatre when I saw it.