Monday, August 3, 2009

Media Madness: Live "Spread" Press Junket with Ashton Kutcher

Twitter and technology pwns all today, as we can all watch LIVE RIGHT NOW the dread press junket lolol and the endless barrage actors/crew have to do for the release of a new film. CLICK HERE ASHTON LIVE RIGHT NOW ON BLOGTV
Wonder if I can get in a question on David Mackenzie? wish me luck!

Plus: New Interview: Ashton on Seacrest here
Screenwriter Jason Dean Hall talks "Spread"

UPDATE: ATTENTION HELGE and friends! Website for Spread now in Russia, complete with Russian David Mackenzie lol xxxx

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah OMG for a second I thought that was a joke :D

    But the film is gonna be in the Russian theatres soon, so I'm not surprised... What does surprise me though is that David Mackenzie in that picture seems to me much hotter than Ashton.. I mean, well, it doesn't mean anything, but I've only just noticed that.