Friday, August 14, 2009

David Mackenzie's "Spread" with Ashton Kutcher Released in US, Canada Today

David Mackenzie's latest film "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche is released today in the US and Canada. In limited release, you can determine if the film will be showing in your area at this link.

MANY International posters for the film can now be purchased here at, including the Brazilian poster, French, Italian, Danish, and more (you can also order a few old Hallam/Mister Foe posters, Jamie Bell (including a slew of Sigmas Dear Wendy and more)

CONGRATULATIONS DAVID MACKENZIE, ASHTON KUTCHER and the entire cast and crew of Spread.
I should also like to send another word of personal thanks very much to those at Katalyst who have been unbelievably cool AND HELPFUL and actually responsive. They have a very astute and smart grasp on the reality of the movie marketing world, how the internet actually works, and unlike some caught in their old ways, are not haughty and dismissive of bloggers tweeters youtube and most damming of all AN ACTUAL FAN omg the horror.. More importantly Katalyst will work with everyone to help get the word out, which is why they are successful and worthy of respect even if you dont care for their films/tv shows; these people showed class and I thank you; BRAVO.

If you are interested in reading more on the filming of "Spread," click here for my extensive coverage. No word alas if there is to be an actual soundtrack, seems unlikely at this point, no idea though. The film is already in cue for Netflix , will probably show eventually on Starz/Showtime, and should be out on DVD in November.(November 17 probably)


  1. Hello Sue - I've been traveling the last week & actually happened to be in a corner of the planet where Spread was showing - what dumb luck! - so I've seen it.

    Much to say, of course - such as - for heavens sake! what's all the fuss about the sex in the film!!? I thought it was clever and funny - the sex that is - esp in light of the fact that the film is a satire of sexual behavior. Or so it seemed to me & very much the stuff of David M. . . . I could go on as you know . . . eventually I'll get a post up about it.

    All in all a pretty decent film - not great - but definitely more intelligent than its fluffy exterior implies.

  2. Hi Anna!
    Thats great news, thrilled you got to see it (and wont have to wait for ages like we did with Hallam Foe blurgh) :D

    Yes I agree, I thought there has been too much ado over the sex, but makes for great press/hype/office cooler chatter I suppose.

    I was disappointed the characters werent more defined, and I really REALLY wanted to like Nikki more than I did (actually didnt care too much for him at all) and felt Anne Heche gave the best performance. I should get around to writing out a review, but really cant wait to hear what you think of the film.

    David has never used sex and actual 'love' as traditionally defined I dont think ever once in his films; to see it used as just a commodity of sorts or goods is part of the deal with his films, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the movie!

    Thanks as always for stopping by-hope your summer has been good and all is well with you and yours :)


  3. I agree about the performances & the characters - the screenplay was a bit so so - good concept but lacking in depth of characterization. Esp, with regard to the part of the woman he falls for. I really struggled to understand what she (or the actress) was about. AK was ok - potential I think - but the monotone mumbling . . . I don't know if he & David M. thought it was a character choice? because I have never seen AK in anything before & don't know what he's usually like vocally.

    I always hesitate to write about performances when I write about films - so many reviewers unkindly rake actors & actresses over the coals without reminding readers that directors factor into performances & performance choices as well - or they should. (sorry David!)

    Heche was definitely the strongest.

    Oh yes - so much to say! I will do a post soon but won't be vlogging.

  4. Ok Sue - my SPREAD post is up - first post I've managed in weeks. It's mostly about sex . . . though I tread cautiously lest the post attract all of the continual, & sometimes unwelcome, attention my "Tie Me Up Tie Me Down" post generates. Ah yes . . . what does this say about our world?!