Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tickets Now On Sale for "New Town Killers" Screening, Q & A Vue Edinburgh

A reminder today that Richard Jobson's "New Town Killers" will be screening next week in Edinburgh, Scotland. The new film which stars Dougray Scott, and Sigma co-founder Alastair Mackenzie will be shown at Vue Omni Edinburgh, and there will also be a special Q & A session. Tickets for this event on June 12 are now available here via this link. If anyone is lucky enough to attend, can someone please have mercy on poor me and send in pics/reports? I also hear reports there is to be a fabulous after party with the awesome Isa and the Filthy Tongues due to play-LUCKY, fingers crossed more info/audio/video of that will be available at some point too.

By way of director Richard Jobson's official Twitter, BAFTA members can see a screening of the movie Tuesday, June 9 in Glasgow, and Wed June 10 in Edinburgh.

Also thanks to Alan over at Gael Movies blog (recommended reading!) we now know New Town Killers will be screening in August at the Hippodrome Theater. Screening dates for the film start August 14. I do not know if these are the dates the film are opening wide, but Ive heard August as the month it does indeed go wide in the UK; more when I can get it!

Finally, even though we have the glorious fabulous new Poster for New Town Killers below, check out these two posters( One, Two) on my Flickr from Allcitymedia, which were NOT selected for the final sales sheet. Gotta say, I agree with the final decision; always cool to see their names etc but in this case, the red one was a great teaser, love the newest one best though!!!

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  1. Thanks for the information (and the kind words!) - you know, I can see why they went with the final poster (it's a bit more commercial) but for my money the first one of the two rejected designs would get my vote. Very retro!