Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Photos of David Mackenzie at Work on "Spread"

As alerted by the aforementioned Spread the Movie Twitter, there is a facebook page now for the movie, which includes 54 new photos. Some I already have posted here on this blog previously, but of interest to me of course are the photos of Sigma's own David Mackenzie, at work directing his star Ashton Kutcher as well as some of the others. You can join the page and see the entire set, here.
Check below for all the new pics of David :)


  1. Nice pictures. I've joined on Facebook, but I'm not that interested in Aston Kutcher (most pictures of him). Sorry to all the Aston Kutcher-fans.

    I'm very much looking forward to watch the film next Monday!


  2. AWesome Marit!! I do hope you will have a great time! Will you please send in a report or something? (figure you might for the boglies, but could I post it here as well?)

    Oh I do hope you will get to see David and all. Im sure you know this from the Eiff forum/site, but it doesnt seem Ashton will be there. Who knows tho, might be a surprise visit lol. Have a great trip, very jealous indeed :)xxx

  3. Sue!

    I've halfway promised the boglies a report. I do realize that I'm going to have trouble beating the one from last year with all the great photos. I'm only going for 3 days this year and the schedule is going to be tight. If you want to post my silly report here, feel free to do so :-).

    I haven't seen any official guest list for Spread, so I've no idea who's going to be there. In any case, I'm looking forward to watch the film and have a fabulous time in Scotland.