Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Confirmed! Kevin MacDonald's "Eagle of the Ninth" to Base at Film City Glasgow

Jamie Bell is going back to Govan again, as The Herald has a piece of news I suspected and blogged about here for some time: Kevin MacDonald's new film "Eagle of the Ninth" starring Jamie and Channing Tatum will indeed be based at Film City Glasgow, with the piece noting: "Peter Mullan's Neds is in pre-production and is due to start shooting in six weeks, while Kevin Macdonald's Roman epic Eagle In The Ninth, starring Jamie Bell and touted as the biggest Scottish film since Braveheart, will be produced here from August." They were casting today for extras, did anyone go to that?

While Eagle is not a Sigma production, FCG is of course home to Sigma Films, Serious Facilities, Savalas Sound and much much more. It was also the site where Sigma Films and David Mackenzie based their excellent Hallam Foe, featuring Jamie Bell in the lead role. Much much more great news ahead about Film City, just thrilled to know Jamie will be back in his old haunts there in Glasgow for the filming of what is sure to be an excellent epic adventure!

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  1. Photo of young boy casting at Ullapool for Eagle of the Ninth: