Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking Beyond Labels with Dougray Scott

Today I want to look beyond the normal parameters of this blog, writing here from my comfy spot on the cough to write about those who are not in a comfortable place, about a subject that more often than not we do not give any attention too: Refugees. In my past Ive spoken to, videoed, edited and posted stories about those who have been profoundly affected by war, done my job, then head to the bar and forgotten all about it. I watch their stories on the news and click turn off the tv. Always wished I could do more; maybe today even if we watch for one minute something good can happen. So right, no more preaching or ranting, just want to applaud Scottish actor Dougray Scott (New Town Killers) for his efforts in supporting the UK Red Cross, as they have launched Refugee week, taking place June 15-21, as an attempt to "look beyond the ‘refugee’ label. The campaign also seeks to promote the positive contribution refugees make to life in the UK." I join in this effort, and will be lending my support and changing my Twitter status as well. You can learn more about the effort in the video below or by going to Lookbeyondthelabel.org

Thanks Sinead!

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