Saturday, June 6, 2009

JJ Feild Mentions Jamie Sives in Scotsman

First if you are looking for the New Triage Poster with Colin Farrell, click here or here to my flickr for 3: official poster plus the two demos one and two(with Paz Vega and Jamie Sives).

Also THANKS to ColinFarrell Fansite, IMDB and esp mega & fabulous live journal community OhNoTheyDidnt for the link to this blog, wowza! Some have asked who is the other guy or Jamie Sives. Jamie is my favorite actor and hes wonderful :) He is from Scotland, and you probably know him best for his lead role in Sigma Films award winning Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. He will be seen this year in Triage of course and later in Valhalla Rising with Mads Mikkelsen. You can read my exclusive interview with Jamie here, where he does talk about working with Colin, Mads, even a mention of JJ and much more.

One of the names mentioned in our interview and previously has been his friendship with actor JJ Feild (check out his fansite here). The Scotsman has a lengthy profile with Mr. Feild online today, and at the end of the interview he makes mention of Jamie Sives and what acting is like for the both of them. Quotage:

Not long ago he and his great buddy Jamie Sives were asked what they hoped for in their careers. "Jamie said – and I wish it had been me saying this – 'What I hope is that I never have to get a job. This isn't a job: it's great fun.'"

Filming has wrapped on Jamie's latest project One Night in Emergency with Kevin Mckidd, which according to IMDB was done on all night shoots. Jamie plays the character of Nick for this film that will be broadcast this fall on the BBC. No word if Jamie is off recording his CD now or still filming Clash of Titans- PLEASE LET US KNOW about that music esp please please please lol

Edit: Very sorry when I first posted this am, I botched the spelling of JJ Feild's name, I FAIL horribly and apologise.


  1. Thanks for the site mention! I am also a huge fan of Jamie Sives. Remember him from Rockface and he was brilliant in TTEOTE too. Even saw him at the Telstar premier at the LFF last October. Gorgeous in real life!

  2. Hi there!
    Welcome welcome! You have an excellent site!

    How cool you got to see Jamie at a premiere! He is such a private person there is almost never photos of him at any of these events, so lucky lucky you! He has mentioned in many interviews his friendship with Mr Feild, so its really cool to learn he went to that premiere as well. Man I adore him so much! Thanks again for stopping by! :)

  3. >>Man I adore him so much!
    You and me both Sue! *G*

    Thanks for posting the quote and link to the article. I love that quote from Jamie!

    I have heard very similar quotes before - one from my music idol (and guitar hero!) and another from a friend who absolutely LOVES his job (even though he works extremely long days and nearly every week in a year!) that he says it's not work. As long as you always have fun and enjoy what you do is important.

    Ooh.... thanks for the still from the Shooting Stars video. *Swoon*
    Glad you have it!!

    Oh yes, please, please, PLEASE some news on Jamie's music.