Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video Interview and New Footage from New Town Killers

Yahoo movies has posted a new video interview with director Richard Jobson and Dougray Scott that contains some new footage from the film. You can see what is a roof top chase featuring not only Dougray and James Anthony Pearson but gasp the other star of the film Alastair Mackenzie, what a concept heh...sorry do I sound bitter? ;P

New Town Killers Exclusive Interview @ Yahoo! Video

The rooftop chase is also listed on another site but I cant get it to work here in the us of course, and am trying to track that down elsewhere. Tickets remain on sale for the screening of New Town Killers at the Omni Vue in Edinburgh which will feature a Q & Q with Dougray and RJ, with a private after party to follow. Additional Interviews with Richard Jobson can be found via Indie London and Screenjabber.

1 comment:

  1. I've stopped being bitter, I've resigned. (Hopefully that's an expression in English, too :-).)

    We just have to realize that Al Mackenzie is not a part of the promotion team of New Town Killers. We'll probably never get the explanation of this, and everything else said about it would just be speculations.

    Hopefully he's out there somewhere, working and filming something great for us to watch in the future. Not having a clue about our frustrations :-). I'm wishing him the best!

    Sue, still thanks for posting everything you find. You're always ahead!

    PS. I'm going to Edinburgh on the 22nd to watch Spread!