Monday, September 29, 2008

Music Me Monday with Franz Ferdinand

Hmm lets think-world economy gone to pot, bullshit election stuff plaguing me at every turn, not to mention the film world lost a truly truly good and decent man, and a fine fine actor to boot, with the passing Paul Newman. Plus it's Monday. bleh. what to do in order to lift the spirits-how about about a little music to pass the time.

Let's see- listened to the fine Foe soundtrack enough till even I need to listen to something new. hmmm NO FRANZ CD this year, but hmm WHAT'S THIS news from NME:

No word on how much new music they will be playing but ooh so cool! Plus a quick check on the FF site reminds me again where they recorded their new CD... :D Plus, look:
FILM CITY GLAGSOW lurking in the background YET AGAIN as two 'TEST' clips are now on the official Franz site (which mysteriously appeared last month) BRING ON THIS CD gah In the meantime, how the hell slamming is this test (not a full song but man those guys, playing under the stage and then in the lovely old gilded hall of FCG- love the spooky kooky shot of the mike swinging back and forth- can I say again how much i love these guys and the kids at FCG?? :))) xxx...

Also Oooh listening and waiting for that new SnowPatrol (heard mysteriously on that trailer for NEW TOWN KILLERS!) Haven't been able to track down any news yet on the soundtrack, but I have full faith in Mr. Jobson not to let me down on this front! In the past, it had been long reported/rumored that Mogwai was going to do something for the score-dunno if that is holding true, but in another kooky case ;) of the world colliding squeefully for a fan person like me, on the official Mogwai blog there was a hilarious blog report of their meeting with guess...wait for it.... DAVID MACKENZIE, who apparently is enamored of those two fine thespians Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as I am

"We don’t do requests, not because we’re arrogant but because we’re literally unable to play most of the songs we haven’t practised for the tour. We’re really quite amateurish and not afraid to flaunt it. After the gig I met up with nice, drunk Jim Putnam from the Radar Bros. and also the Scottish film director David MacKenzie where we discuss making a movie about the sad and hopeless plight of Fuck Buttons. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will star in this tragic film. It will be called Ben and Andrew’s Bogus Journey and will go straight to DVD I hope. Seeing as it's Ben from Fuck Buttons' birthday tomorrow i feel it is time to let the less humour-savvy of you know that we actually love Fuck Buttons as people and as musicians, just in case we upset anyone. I saw someone thought it was serious on our forum and my brain did a 360 degree spin of disbelief."

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