Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet! Its a Parade of Sophia Myles New Interviews on Mister Foe

Two good mails today, both bearing word of new interviews with the lovely Sophia Myles, and mentions of Mister Foe, which will open in New York later this week (DONT FORGET, HDNET MISTER FOE SNEAK TOMORROW NIGHT 8pm ET then again 9:45 and 11:30 pm ET !)

First, Parade has a short new fluffy piece online here, where they focus on twee things like first kiss, past boyfriends, and naturally doing the sex scenes for Mister Hallam Foe. Parade is normally found in US newspapers as a weekend magazine thing, and usually contains nothing indepth; this article is proof of that alas. Here is what they asked her about Hallam Foe:

Q: In Mister Foe you have some pretty sexually explicit scenes. Was that uncomfortable for you?

A: I’ve always been very, very particular about nudity and sex in the movies I do because I think a lot of the time it’s very gratuitous, especially when a female is involved. So I’ve been very strict. I think the scenes in this film are of a sexual nature but they are not sexy at all. Actually, I quite enjoy keeping my clothes on. I don’t even like looking at my naked bottom in a mirror.

Q: Ever feel a little silly?

A: I did in Tristan and Isolde when another actress and I had to take off our clothes and hug a naked James Franco to thaw him out after he nearly froze to death. We found it so funny we couldn’t stop laughing. I think we did about 60 takes.

Thanks to my friends at Dark Horizons who let me know of their exclusive interview with Sophia Myles, and this piece is much much better, and shows the actress to have a fair sense of humor and wit-I really enjoy Sophia and look forward to more of her films (and yes I loved Moonlighting, damm shame to say the least that show isnt coming back) Sophia reiterates her previous praise of director David Mackenzie, and says she choose to do the role because "David Mackenzie had worked with Tilda Swinton, who's repped by my agent in London. And my agent said that he would trust his grandmother's life in David Mackenzie's hands. So the fact that we had a director who was so sensitive, and made us feel completely comfortable, and never exposed at any time - it made it pretty easy."

The part I most admired is that she addressed the fact that this character is multilayer and troubled, and that the sex scenes are in fact, not an erotic act-not the scenes with Jamie Sives that is for sure, for they were brutal and about power and taunting of JBell's character, not at all an act of romance or love, but sex at its most base, animalistic all most. From Sophia:

It's interesting, because American cinema is generally a lot more conservative than European cinema. Do you think that American audiences will find it difficult to deal with the sexuality of a film like this? Especially within its context?

Myles: I think everyone who sees this film will come away with a very different experience, and I think it will affect people in very different ways. I mean, I think what I like about this movie is that - like I said before, it's not - you know, take a bucket of popcorn and forget about your life for an hour and a half. It really is a film that kind of deals with archetypal themes, you know? So it's gonna have a profound effect on the human soul. I mean, it deals with the search for love. You know, it's about a voyage of self-discovery and growth, and also the fear of death. You know? And I think - so it will. You know, it's not - it's going to make people think. And it will make them feel. How it's gonna make them feel? I'm really not one to judge. But again, you know, the sexuality in the movie, it's not - like, all of the sex scenes, they're not there to be sexy. They're not sensual. When I watched the film, I didn't think, "Oh, that's erotic." I mean, it's not about that. And that's again why I felt very comfortable in being cast, because often nudity and sex is very gratuitous in movies. But this isn't - these movies aren't supposed to - the scenes aren't designed to turn people on.

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  1. sexual but not sexy - yup - that pretty well says it all.