Monday, September 22, 2008

Are you a Friend of Sigma Films?

Are you a friend of Sigma Films? I am :) Well, at least I am member of the new Facebook group Friends of Sigma Films. Open to anyone who has a Facebook account, and has an interest in things of this wonderful independent film company based in Glasgow, Scotland, the objective of this group is described by Colin Kennedy as follows:

"A place for people to share stories that might make compelling films or put people in touch with other people that have stories that might make good films."

Interesting! Actually, I think this is a great idea, and I applaud them yet again for taking the initiative and being open and honest about securing ideas, giving an opportunity for those who might not ever get a foot in the door, a chance to be heard and embracing the idea that good people and good ideas can from all sectors, not just those immediately around us and who you know personally or 'in real life'. We live in a global world, use it to the advantage and so many doors can open-tis true tis true tis true!

For many, including me, the WHOLE POINT of even going on Facebook is to put yourself out there a bit, make new friends, contacts, opportunities. Life stagnants if you dont move forward, by trying new avenues and outlets to discover and ingest new sources of creativity, is -to me - an absolute neccessity anymore. Again Sigma is not afraid to break down those old walls those antique modes, and taking ways of the seeming old style networking and moving it onward via places like Facebook .

WEll done! I am very very hesitant but I have my screenplay I am working on that Im wavering on, but people like Helge and I bet there are scores and scores of people with loads of great ideas that truly deserve at least one look, well here is a chance -so this is cool news indeed.
Heres to finding new ideas for films, and perhaps being courageous enough to meet new people too! :)

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