Friday, September 12, 2008

Alastair Mackenzie's "New Town Killers" To Screen at London Film Festival Next Month

Great news tonight! Alastair Mackenzie's newest film "New Town Killers" which co-stars Dougray Scott, is to screen at the London Film Festival next month! Yes! The film, directed by Richard Jobson is one of many to screen at the festival which runs October 15-30 in London, England. According to the LFF website, the film will screen
Tues October 28, and Thurs October 30.

Another new nugget of info is the film is listed as running 90 minutes. The write up of the film is as follows:

"Teenager Sean Kelly (James Anthony Pearson) lives with his sister Alice (Liz White) on a rough housing estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh. With their parents gone and prospects limited, the pair struggle to get by. Alice has accumulated serious debts, and now lenders are ruthlessly calling them in. Desperate to get his sister out of trouble, Sean is presented with the chance by two mysterious strangers, Alistair (Dougray Scott) and Jamie (Alastair Mackenzie), who will give him the money he needs if he takes part in a hide and seek game over the course of one night. Sean is not long into the hunt before he realizes that the men have sinister intentions, and that he will be lucky if he survives the night.

In creating a scenario where the well-heeled and privileged prey on the poor and deprived, director Richard Jobson is clearly wearing political concerns on his sleeve in his latest film, and is to be admired for it. Yet New Town Killers is not bleeding-heart social commentary, but an ambitious and kinetic thriller, a tension-packed joyride through Edinburgh streets; it is obvious Jobson knows the city well, and that he loves it; he presents it wonderfully."

Tickets for the festival will go on sale to the general public Saturday, September 27.

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