Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rumor Alert: Jamie Bell to Star in New Film "A Single Man"

Rumor Alert! In Marc Malkin's column for E! Entertainment, it claims actor Jamie Bell (Hallam Foe) will be starring in designer Tom Ford's first directorial effort "A Single Man" based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood.


Sources reveal exclusively to me that it looks like Colin Firth will star as a gay college professor who deals with the sudden death of his lover. The character is helped in his efforts by a lifelong female friend and one of his students.

Firth's rep tells me "he's in discussions" but it's not a done deal.

Julianne Moore will play the friend while Jamie Bell has signed for the student role, my sources say. The story takes place in 1962 in Los Angeles.

No studio is attached to the project, but Ford plans to begin filming in L.A. in November.

Seems I remember the last rumor about a new Jamie Bell role in that Chuck Russell film did not take flight, so no idea if this has any merit or not. Jamie has been looking for new projects, so perhaps this is the real deal, and working with Julianne Moore would be fabulous of course. We shall see.

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  1. yeah I've heard that news too. and about In Defiance of Gravity. I think soon we'll find out what Jamie Bell is up to. Maybe he's doing both... Anyway, I just hope he'll keep on doing independent stuff (from time to time at last)