Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trailer for Dougray Scott, Alastair Mackenzie's "New Town Killers" Now Online

WOOHOOO Now this is a great way to start the month off right! The trailer for Richard Jobson's "New Town Killer" starring Dougray Scott and Alastair Mackenzie is now online!!

For now, you can see it via the Independent Film Company's website: Click here, then on the left, choose New Town Killers then Trailer...

My first inclination is to you know be all fangirly and squee and scream BAD ASS, this trailer is AWESOME!!!

The truth is, this trailer is STUNNING. Long for a normal trailers I thought, this is quick paced, it's no holds barred, and it sure as heck is not the mild mannered Archie from Monarch of the Glen nor mister handsome hunk about town Dougray Scott from Desperate Housewives that inhabit the screen here! Quick editing, interesting lighting, grim, serious, exhilarating, scary tense, rocking (IS THAT SNOW PATROL ? among some seriously good music) and most of shocking. As simplistic and understated as it may be, we live in a world where everything is remote-lets make and buy the video game!- and violence is detached and surreal, something that you watch on the news online and doesn't happen to people you might know, which is the underlying point of this movie I suspect,
and if I had to tagline this film I would say
DEATH IS BUT A GAME to these lads...
but in the meantime, this will get peoples attention heh



and breathe Alastair fans, just breathe lol as Im trying to do
THANK YOU RICHARD JOBSON, thank you Alastair Dougray and Independent, something great to lookfoward nex year!

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