Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pre-Order the "Mister Foe" DVD

While Mister Foe officially opens this week in the handful of movie theaters here in the US, the US DVD of Mister Foe is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER.

As seen here on Amazon.com, the Mister Foe DVD will be released on NOVEMBER 11, 2008, and is currently available at the early price of $18.99. This date matches what we heard earlier with the Netflix release, so rock on for that.

I believe we will still be getting extras, hopefully the David Mackenzie commentary please please please!!! plus fingers crossed for those wonderful making of/behind the scenes pieces made by Colin Kennedy. Im always hoping too for interviews with cast like the ones 4cslater has up on her youtube channel with Jamie Bell, Claire forlani, Ciaran hinds and JAMIE SIVES, but my fangirl beats hard and long and is resiliant in not giving up hope for these things lol-anyway GREAT NEWS indeed!

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