Thursday, September 18, 2008

Long overdue Love for Luci

There's been some great news, and I mean truly wonderful news that I have been GREATLY remiss on writing about. I can say well its been all these other pressures and commitments but the truth is Im actually quite the hell happy it and just haven't written about it because I wasnt sure what to say, or more honestly afraid Id look more twee and fangirly than normal(is that even possible?? LOL), so I have to say I fail for not being more prompt on expressing this earlier~

If you've ever read the official Sigma Films blog (s) called "Get Your People", one might know its written by a filmmaker named Colin Kennedy. Now as with all things Sigma, I've made zero attempt to hide what a big fan I am of Colin's and have written about this here previously.

Colin is working damm hard on making his own short film called "I Love Luci" and as he noted recently, they've crossed one hurdle in their journey to getting that film properly financed and made. He wrote:

'We got the good word from our major funder that we would be able to secure the finance we need from them. I am speaking in mildly coded terms because this is the first step in funding and it won't be made public (i.e. announced to the press) until we have closed finance. That said, this is the foot up we need and our hope is that the rest of the metaphoric dominoes will fall well for us over the coming weeks.

This is the starting point for I Love Luci so it's eyes down now for the next few months and fingers, toes and all other appendages crossed that we can put together a great little film over the days and weeks to come.'


Now it may come as no surprise, but being the hopeless goof I am, I actually cried with happiness (well..because I'm a hopeless cheerleader type, first I whooped like an idiot to the computer screen in front of me and scared the heck out of my cat, then cried lol). Now, no real reason I should really. Colin doesn't really know me from adam, and yet for years now, Ive followed everything they've done over there at Sigma, and am anxiously following this process, and along the way become pretty damm fond of those folks. I adore them. yep.

More importantly I genuinely admire and respect Colin. Probably not a cool or hip thing, but he's been extremely kind to me, and I have the utmost faith and sincere belief in the work that he, his producer Brian Coffey and Gillian Berrie are doing along with (I think still Colleen and maybe Anna), and hell Al and David and all at Sigma Films my gosh! I just think so highly of them, and well I'm very grateful and enjoying following all of this, so thanks for the continuing updates.

Here is someone who is working on reaching for his dreams, and struggling and working hard, just like you, me and and anyone. It's not something that has come easy, and lord knows the Scottish film industry sure as hell doesn't get their fair time in the sun as it were-there surely is not nearly enough attention being paid to the fine work coming out of that country,from all the great film makers (not just David) but from up and coming people like Colin.

I had to chuckle to myself because Ive been following Saskia, the Valhalla Rising director's assistant video blog pretty closely, and I was watching them again this morning and I was like, totally if I was in Scotland I would so so so happily volunteer to do that job for Colin! (or David too for that matter, and for free, although I think I would drive both of them crazy with my perky enthusiasm which can be err kinda annoying i know) Anyway, the more I follow the journey of Luci-the little film THAT CAN AND WILL, the more I believe in what is going on over there, not just with Sigma, but all of these movies and people Ive learning and watching and Im sooo soo happy for Colin and Brian!


NOW HELGE ITS YOUR TURN! I believe in you and your work my friend and you can achieve success too! Do NOT give up! courage~

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  1. Well THANK YOU SUE for your support!
    I'm not about to give up now, really. Nor have I ever been going to. Not even after this awful financial crisis thing.. Somehow such things make me stronger. Now I've ALMOST finished shooting. ALMOST - because I work at a studio and now I have a project to work on in addition to MY OWN project... And the worst thing is, that my project contains some animated sequences which have to be done and it's the most tedious process and it takes a lot of TIME. And I don't have much time, so everything is ALMOST FINISHED, but I think it'll take 2 or 3 more WEEKS to finish everything completely... It's quite scary cause we have to start working on the sound in November which means that most of the editing MUST be completed by that time. And we did shoot on HD - no 35 mm I'm afraid. I quite envy Colin, honestly. It's impossible to get any money for making a short back here. I can't wait to see his work completed and at some prestigious festival. Well, I'd also would LOVE to see my project completed and at some festivals... well, we'll see what happens...