Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mister Foe Soundtrack Finally Available on US iTunes

The excellent soundtrack to Mister Foe is finally available today on the US edition of iTunes. The music for the film directed by David Mackenzie has received wide critical acclaim, along with a win at the Berlin Film Festival. The soundtrack, which features "Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow" written especially for the film by the wonderful FRANZ FERDINAND is available via this link on iTunes, and as noted previously will be finally be available in stores such as Best Buy here in the states next week. Btw: CHECK OUT the latest from the Franz guys who I adore so much: Lucid Dreams, just fabulous, here (also available for purchase via iTunes, tis from their forthcoming new album due out next year...be sure to poke around on the official Franz site, you will see loads of photos of pics and videos shot at FILM CITY GLASGOW TOO, just saying... :))

While just about every song on the score is awesome, its worth pointing out that this is not a traditional score/soundtrack, as they used entirely pop music to accompany the film (David spoke at length about having wanted to DJ his own movie and he did here ) .You can also friend/preview the soundtrack on MySpace here. While there were some really fabulous songs that did not make the final track list, songs that are on the CD are as follows:

Track 1 - Orange Juice – Blue Boy
Track 2 - U.N.P.O.C. – Here On My Own
Track 3 - King Creosote – The Someone Else
Track 4 - Sons And Daughters – Broken Bones
Track 5 - Junior Boys – Double Shadow
Track 6 - Clinic – If You Could Read Your Mind
Track 7 - Future Pilot AKA – Battle At The Gates Of Dub
Track 8 - Hood – Lines Low To Frozen Ground
Track 9 - Franz Ferdinand – Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow
Track 10 - Psapp – Tricycle
Track 11 - James Yorkston And The Athletes – Surf Song
Track 12 - Bill Wells Trio – Also In White
Track 13 - Juana Molina – Salvese Quien Pueda
Track 14 - Cinema – They Nicknamed Me Evil
Track 15 - Woodbine – I Hope That You Get What You Want
Track 16 - Movietone – Ocean Song

Bonus Video: Cool Franz Fan video set to their song for Mister Hallam Foe

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