Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hear my Heart

Today I should like to address matters of the heart.

I honestly dont know, I really dont know what the hell is the matter with me of late, but I am truly slipping and there's been enormous pressure on the personal and professional front, so I'm woefully behind on things that matter. things that matter to this heart at least:

Heartbeat One: Great news in that last week Colin Kennedy began the casting process for his short film "I Love Luci." I think this is terrific, and if he is holding true to what he posted earlier, I am thinking Kahleen Crawford must be doing the casting for him, but not certain. In lieu of an imdb page for referrence, my plan is -tangent upon me surviving past november that is-to make up a separate page here with all the crew and shoot dates etc. Dorky to be certain, but I actually like knowing who does what on films, and bother to wait for the credits at the end of the film too! ooh freak :P but anyway, aces ACES Colin that the film is moving forward in such a tangible way! Upward and onward for you! :))

Heartbeat Two: Heartland Film Society 2008 Festival features another topic close to my heart: New Town Killers, starring Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie along with Dougray Scott. Director Richard Jobson will be giving a presentation on New Town Killers, WITH CLIPS TO BE SHOWN, as well as a talk on his work filming in Edinburgh. In addition, the festival website notes this talk will describe how he uses locations as characters in screenplays- yeS!! This is one of my favorite things about filmmaking, and I think David M does this as well to a lovely degree in his movies. Anyway this talk by Mr Jobson is the OPENING EVENT ON OCTOBER 24, with tickets now available for the event in Aberfeldy, Scotland
Bonus Video: Clip from Youtube user Vincent

Heartbeat Three: Jamie Sives. Now yes yes I flat out ADORE him, my favorite actor (plus so damm swoonworthy, my heart just pounds sometimes when I watch him in Wilbur-which I did the other night which saved me) This mention however is not about shameless drooling this time, but rather to point out that at the above event, A Woman in Winter will be screened at the Heartland Festival on Saturday, October 25. No word if Jamie will go to this event, probably not and no way in hell I can fly over to Scotland now for it anyway, but still hopefully others will get a chance to watch this unique film of Jamies and Mr. Jobsons.

Heartbeat Four: No bloody word yet on what is happening with the follow up to REd Road, "Rounding up Donkeys," booo! please please anything? Am I the sole fan out here who cares and is waiting for this movie? Anyway, was checking to see if Digital Guerillas had released any of their footage they shot while the movie was ongoing and it turns out they are making a peice for VALHALLA RISING. Quotage: "Digital Guerillas has visited and produced a set report for Glasgow Film Office on the new feature film Valhalla Rising. With interviews from Mads Mikkelsen, Gary Lewis, producer Karen Smyth and many more it will show an interesting insight into the making of the film. Look out for the report closer to the release of the film."
Ok yes I will look for that- and lets hope there is lots of JAMIE Sives in there too besides Mads :)) BTW I am thinking VH has wrapped, but could be wrong. Those videos of Sasha seem out of order to me, but I am uncertain if theyve finished filming completely in Glasgow/ FCG?

Heartbeat five: Right, clearly I've got a broken heart yet again-I fail... besides being horrified that Sarah Moosehunter Palin may actually be one heartbeat/attack away from the presidency of the US-just no no NOOOOOO (for the non myriad keeping score at home, I sent mr. waay too young, yet sexy pickup driving manboy on his way-seems hes been driving round too many other ladies when I'm not there for even old bat and lonely me to endure heh- so buhbye babycakes! ) Naturally when you are blue and disgusted there is nothing but romance and sappy movies showing on tv, but I was reminded of a film that had love in it, rather sums up my own life
Love and other disasters, lol. The film was eh errm well ..., and the following clip is out there, and yes totally I lied,time for more Jamie Sives

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