Saturday, October 25, 2008

Richard Jobson, Man of Style (updated)

Followup: WINNER!
New Town Killer director Richard Jobson is Scottish Man of Style. Nabs win over his
star in NTK, Dougray Scott. My vote of course would have gone to Alastair Mackenzie who wasnt nominated or Jamie Sives, but perhaps Im a bit biased on that front :D Anyway, congrats lol :)

News articles from the BBC, Herald, Scottish Daily Record, and scant few photos.

*warning rant ahead: One I know Mr Jobson was in Aberfeldy screening New Town Killers but according to the film festival site, it said he was taking part in the Style Awards event too, so where the hell are the pics from this event?( and no not the festival thing which I doubt I will ever see a pic from *woe* Im talking this award show. They wonder why the heck there isnt more awareness of things happening in scotland...let's think.... oh how about- SERIOUS LACK OF PHOTOS on the major wire is one big reason. It is so so hard to come by ANY photos of any number from most events held in Scotland, it truly astounds me given the day in age, the sheer amount of technology available that there isnt more available. Anyone can put stuff out there for all, yes even in Scotland, and Im not on about random events held in tiny Highland villages, but Info and PHOTOS from major events held in major and modern cities like Glasgow-come on folks! Sad truth is that unless reuters/ap/getty/wireimage/even the freaking tabs dont get access/coverage events in Scotland, scottish news, films, happenings etc do NOT get the coverage it deserves. Sure an ap wire/press release is all well and fine, but we live in a visual world now folks, time to get the lead out and get more stills/videos out there.
/end rant.

UPDATE: WELL WELL WELL -Guess what showed up almost 3 days after the fact- WIREIMAGE PHOTOS of the event, good grief. Still better than never, but honestly now....


  1. Sue - your sense of humor cracks me up sometimes & you don't mince words!

  2. Anna! Hello! Oh my goodness, I am so remiss in keeping in touch with you, sooo delighted you stopped by!

    I really hope you had a good and productive summer, and life is good for you and the wee one!

    I do hope you are well, and lol to this, well sometimes I get all fired up, which is rather pointless I know but there you go lol.
    Will pop over to see how things are on your front too, and thanks for not forgetting about me, much appreciated! xxx