Friday, October 10, 2008

New Trailer Online for Jamie Bell's "Defiance"

Quick update: Been down with a horrible cold, went to NYC-FRANZ FERDINAND I LOVE YOU! more on that shortly, and just saw via Empire via Variety lol, the new full length trailer for "Defiance" is now online.
The film of course stars Daniel Craig who is getting huge amounts of press these days bleh, as well as Jamie Bell (Mister Hallam Foe). I have to say this new trailer seems to be a bit too bondish for me, but Craig is actually a fine actor (as is Mr. Bell and Liev Schreiber), and I remain hopeful the film will actually be better than this.

New "Defiance" trailer

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  1. Hey tell us more about your trip to NYC!

    P.S. Yeah you know I'd LOVE to hope Defiance's gonna be good... because the subject means A LOT to me, as you know... And I've also seen the new trailer - and OMG Liev was just unbelievably good! I even almost got over their accents.. Still no idea why the hell should they speak like clowns, but at least I don't laugh at them anymore... Only when I see Daniel Craig on a white horse... it ruins everything. Well, nothing can ruin Liev Schreiber! (lol) And there's something else. I'm so surprised this Bielski story is always called UNIQUE, like there was nothing like that in the history of Holocaust, when in fact those forests were full of Belorussian Jews, who were leaving their villages in order to save their families and they all were partisans, including women and children. But anyway, no surprise that the Bielskis, who lived practically next door, though in Poland (btw NOW those places are a part of Belarus too), did the same thing.. Not only that was the only way to survive, but it was a traditional thing to do.. That's why I just refuse to get this "Daniel-Craig-on-a-horse" thing... But I HOPE the movie will be good. For Schreiber's sake at least. I don't know. Schreiber is wonderful. It's such a pity he's so happy with Naomi Watts and not available for dates (LOL)