Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trout Fishing and Other Belated News

Egads but have I been dreadfully overwhelmed of late, and pitifully behind on things from the sweet world of Sigma, so here is what I've missed of late.....

It's no fish tale this bit of news, no, it's Trout, the short film directed by Johnny Barrington and produced by Anna Duffield of Sigma. Trout has been screening over the past few weeks as part of Scottish Digital Shorts 2009; the last showing this month was yesterday of course, but fear not, lucky people in Inverness can see it next month on November 3 at Eden Court, then on November 13 folks in Dundee can see it at the Contemporary Arts center there. No word if Mr. Barrington or Anna D was there but blurg I hate this ocean that gets in my way from enjoying all this stuff!

Congratulations go to Jamie Bell for a win as Best Actor at the Tunisia Film Festival for his role as Hallam Foe!

The ever awesome KATIE DICKIE presented the nominations for the Scottish Bafta Awards. One film she is in even got a nom (the lovely Summer which Ive now seen and really liked, just a lovely film). The Herald had a short
mention of Katie and her own BAFTA she rightly won for her flat out brilliant performance in Red Road. The piece noted Katie has to store this on a shelf high out the reach of wee hands, those belonging to her young four year old daughter who "thinks the Bafta face-mask is a dressing-up head, and Kate usually found it festooned with necklaces and earrings when her back was turned."

LOL my twin nieces do the same thing, only its with a freaky Bratz/Barbie head that I got them last Christmas. Anyway, the Herald blurb also said Katie wants to smile more in roles (
People think I'm a miserable cow," she admits) WELL WHAT ABOUT IN ROUNDING UP DONKEYS???? I thought this was supposed to be much more comedic, right people Sigma- HINT NUDGE HINT FOR MORE INFO ON THIS MOVIE PLEASE .... :))) No word if Katie will be presenting this year, but I can hope, along with another appearance from Alastair Mackenzie or Kahleen Crawford or any of the gang from Sigma-I dearly hope Colin will be going and post something just because I especially enjoyed all his drunken hilarious and strangely well written post party posts, like for the Baftas and at all the festivals...ah the good old days!

Anyway, here is a pic of Katie, who I think has a great

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