Tuesday, October 21, 2008

View to a Stylish New (Town) Killing

New Town Killers, starring Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie is not just a film full of handsome men, nope, it's also a showdown between two stylish men....co-star Dougray Scott and director Richard Jobson.

In what can only be described as a loopy sort of style off, both Mr. Scott and Mr. Jobson are nominated this year as "Most Stylish Male" in this year's Scottish Style Awards. The awards are due to be presented later this week, and no word on who has that killin edge going into this hard fought contest, but I wonder if another music dynamo might sneak off a surprise victory (David Bryne of the fabulous Talking Heads) but LOL how cool I thought-only they overlooked Alastair, and Jamie Sives, and David, and Jamie and Colin and and ...ok I'll stop now :))))

BESIDES MR. JOBSON wont be there, for as noted earlier, he is screening New Town Killers THIS FRIDAY!! For the lucky folks who are going to Aberfeldy, you can see the film early before its world premiere at the London Film Festival (opening night- SOLD OUT). The Herald reminds us that at Aberfeldy:

"a fiver buys you a sneak preview of the film, a talk by Jobson and a glass of wine as well. Jobson will be talking about his work, with particular emphasis on the use of Edinburgh as a location. Last week, however, he was holed up in an editing suite, battling to get New Town Killers finished in time for the Aberfeldy and London events.

Jobson, a Fifer who found fame in the pop group The Skids in the 1970s, said: "It's a story based around two hedge-fund managers who are out of control and get their kicks from hunting people rather than animals."

Dougray Scott, recently seen in American drama series Desperate Housewives, and Monarch Of The Glen star Alastair Mackenzie play two financiers who target a young man, played by James Anthony Pearson, who played Bernard Sumner in last year's Joy Division film Control. They plan the hunt months in advance, entrapping their target financially and forcing him into a deadly 12-hour game of hide and seek.

"The hunt is all over the city," said Jobson. "I'm using everything from the Innocent Tunnel to the canal, various back streets and alleyways, bars from the port of Leith to a whole array of different restaurants and clubs."

Mr. Jobson will also be a guest on the Radio 4 programme Loose Ends shortly after (next day I think). NTK is getting some good coverage, SKY has a photo and article here, where he is quoted as saying:"In my head now, I'm still 17 years old and my movie still feels like a gig to me and playing here in Leicester Square, during the London Film Festival and having a really nice slot, it's a fantastic experience and the tingle factor is still there," he said.

Edinburgh Guide also has this preview of the New Town Killers online.

Footnote: Mr. Jobson, and Andrew Orr of "Independent Film Sales were speakers at a recent UK Film Finance Summit; not sure if progress was made toward getting more funding towards independent and esp to the film industry in Scotland or what they said.

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