Saturday, October 25, 2008

Casting Complete on I Love Luci? (Updated-Its Really gone to the Dogs!)

Woo!, there's been some good news on the progress of Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci short film. Because I am a doof, I was reading the comments on an older post, and he noted very recently this week that "The casting has gone very well. I'm not sure how much I am allowed to say about it, but all the parts have been cast and I am absolutely over the moon with the actors involved - they are all genuinely fantastic."

YES, THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I hope we will learn more in the next few weeks on who has been cast in the parts (and lol did he cast a DOG lol, and how exactly does one go about that process :D) I remember him writing on the official Sigma Films blog about the process of Hallam Foe, noting how tricky and involved the casting can be for a major film like Hallam was and what a huge step it is to have that complete; am anxious to hear a bit more on this front (think Kahleen Crawford handled it for this film but not certain)

LOL Dude, I honestly do heart you soooo much for the update via Luciblog as it seems that Luci, will be portrayed by this friendly looking fellow, Wilson. awww Love it! :)))
No word on if the salary is in bones or dog treats are in his rider teehee ;)

Oh yea, Anyone with artistic skills-SEE THE LUCI BLOG cause there's been a call for a Tattoo Artist to create something for the leading female to sport in the film. I have zero artist skills, let alone would have no idea on what to do for a tattoo, but I am certain with all the amazing and talented people working over there around Sigma this will turn out cool. Been pondering getting a tattoo for years, never been brave enough to try it alas but they are cool enough. I think Jamie S has a couple too, or maybe those were just for the films?

Finally, weather appears to be playing a role in getting production started on the short film. Gah. I am sure this must be a very stressful time with Colin, Gillian Brian and all in trying to decide when to shoot this. I remember reading how the horrid conditions that randomly popped up n the spring (HAIL one time ) so I can only imagine that weather in Scotland is a huge consideration esp if the film is having outdoor scenes and light just isnt there. blurg. FINGERS TOES AND ALL CROSSED you can get a schedule sorted and things can work out to shoot this year Colin!

Helge did you have to deal with stuff like this on your last film? I think I remember hearing about having to shoot something in those less that lovely winters you have there in Russia :)

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