Thursday, October 23, 2008

IGN Mentions Mister (Hallam) Foe DVD

IGN, one of the big game/movie/dvd sites out there (and one of the most reliable) has a small mention of the upcoming Mister Foe DVD that is due to be released finally here in the US on November 11. The uber brief mention just summarizes the plot and notes the DVD "will contain bonus materials and extra features, such as deleted scenes and feature commentary."

Hopefully it will contain director David Mackenzie's commentary, but I remain dubious any of the features/extras will be anything new ie not hopeful there will be new interviews conducted for the disc, but I do remain hopeful that there will be some of the fantastic stuff that 4C Slater/All things uploaded via their Youtube channel.

Most of all, I had really really wanted a hard copy of Colin Kennedy's fantastic documentary/behind the scenes features he worked on. I know that many are looking for info new clips here in the US and if you have not yet had the chance, or just want to watch again and dont have them on your iPod or MP3 player anymore, please go to iTunes and watch the Hallam Foe podcasts HERE. You can see-FOR FREE-many behind the scenes glimpses especially of Jamie and Sophia. I know many of their fansites also (and hte Ciaran Hinds folks do as well) have these uploaded as well as screencaps, so please go check them out! You can read more about the filming of Mister Hallam Foe via the well done GET YOUR PEOPLE BLOG here.

It should be noted that on the Magnolia Website it reads DVD release date Nov 4, but maybe that is the NetFlix date or who the heck knows. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon and Im getting it the 11th of November - a red letter day to say the least! (I think I will call it the Mister Foe Marathon day, when I watch the movie over and over along with all the various clips/interviews I can find!) The film also continues to screen in a very few theaters now and esp thru the entire month of Nov here in the States.

Mister Foe stars Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Ciaran Hinds, Claire Forlani, Jamie Sives, Ewan Bremner and was directed by David Mackenzie. Mister Hallam Foe is a SIGMA FILMS PRODUCTION

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