Monday, October 27, 2008

Hallam Foe is Looking for Helge!

be on the lookout for a handsome but odd young man wearing a dead badger on his head! No its not some crazy tea fortune, HALLAM FOE IS HEADED YOUR WAY!

HALLAM FOE our beloved film IS PLAYING IN MOSCOW at the New British Film Festival in a few days
October 29 (Same day as Stone of Destiny!) Tickets available now!


ps-the schedule said Hallam screened there back in April, was this right? did you get to see it then?

pps- check Colin's blog- GREAT ENTRY on Sound and he mentions you!

Double bonus-Part of the Trifecta of S, Savalas Sound will apparently being doing
post production work on Luci, which makes sense of course, and is way cool too. The Savalas update says they did some work on the new BBC series PA as well as that Scotland's History which I want to watch, dunno if I will ever get to see either but both look good! I think Film City Glasgow is serving as a base or did for production on PA, hope the show is good too!


    I'll post this on my blog for my friends to see!

    Yeah actually Hallam Foe has already visited Moscow during the Moscow International Film Festival, BUT we're always glad when people return, so WELCOME HALLAM!
    I think I'll go and see HF on big screen once gagin, hope it bring back nostalgia :) But you know that first time was unforgettable... I'll never forget crying Stephen Daldry, unbelievably slim Jamie Bell, smoking a fag and that wonderful German bloke playing bagpipes in the street and asking me to go home with him... oh and he also said, 'Oh look at this guy, he's so thin, now that's UGLY!' - I'm glad to say I never went home with that German guy. He shouldn't have called Jamie Bell ugly, the guy is genius for God's sake! LOL

  2. Err... I'd like to add that I meant to say
    Welcome BACK Hallam and

    I'll go and see HF AGAIN, not what I wrote (lol)

    You know with all this crisis I become clueless... I can only think of money (LACK OF, actually) and cannot even type anything correctly...

  3. Helge only YOU could get to hang with Stephen Daldry and get hit on by a random bagpipe player in one night lol. Your life is amazing, and I wish I had been able to go to Berlin,lets make a deal to meet there the next time David screens a film there ok??

    Talk soon, my dad has been taking all my time-very worried indeed and its a bit stressing and upsetting, but I really havent forgotten about you at all. I do hope you are hanging in there too- you are awesome! xxxxxx

  4. OMG I hope your dad will be fine... Hold on!

    Yes, let's agree to meet in Berlin next time David is there with his movie, why not! I love Berlin, though you know I'm not sure I'll be able to get a visa, the last time I wanted to go to Germany they refused to issue my visa and that was quite humiliating. I must say I don't like being treated as a subhuman at all, but PAYING MONEY for being treated like that I like even less, so going to Germany and meeting that bagpipe player again might be a problem... but I'll do my best :)

    BTW the New British Film Festival is taking place near my work, so I've bought the tickets already and guess what - the cinema itself has several showing rooms in it and the one Hallam Foe is shown in is called BERLIN! (lol) So my ticket says 'Hallam Foe, hall 2, BERLIN'... Yeah, welcome back to Berlin Helge :) I won't throw this ticket away, I'm gonna keep it for sure!