Friday, October 31, 2008

Snapshot: A moment of sheer and sweet Sigma joy

Have you ever had one of those unexpected moments, when things before that have been taking a turn for the bad, when you feel like walls are closing in, you cant breathe, and there is nothing but dark and gloom surrounding you. Then suddenly there is a thing, an event, a moment where it all seems to turn on a dime, how one perhaps tiny gesture can make such a HUGE difference, that it leaves you smiling like crazy, leaping with joy, and speechless at the wonder of it all.

If you've ever gotten a gift or had a moment like that, then you will full well understand what it was like for me the other night when I checked my email and saw a photo. Taken in one moment of time, one photo can say so much and mean so much to someone else, its really true. One single photo with lovely beautiful handsome faces, ones who I would ordinarily never know of or meet and would probably walk right by me without ever speaking to, ones with stories and pasts and thoughts and life journeys far different from mine, and yet in this photo are people I genuinely respect admire (and in some cases flat out adore) Such are the people below, those of Sigma Films.

Tiernan Kelly who runs Film City Glasgow, Anna Duffield, Gillian Berrie, Alastair Mackenzie, David Mackenize, Colin Kennedy and Brian Coffey

Dear people of Sigma films,
It's like the best birthday, best holiday, best present in the world getting this photo, I just cherish this. I am so so thrilled, so happy to know about your work, so happy to share my thoughts on all your excellence via this blog, just plain...happy. That you would think of goofy me, take the time out to snap this pic and send this is just above and beyond, freaking cool lol, and frankly a hell of a very nice nice thing. Class acts all around, and I love this so very much!

I LOVE YOU SIGMA, and these talented cool interesting and fantastic people,with their lovely smiling faces (and woot note the HEART AND THE DOG in the background, MUCH LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR YOU!


  1. OMG this picture is so awesome!
    I'd like to take my chance and say that what you guys do at Sigma makes believe in European Independent Cinema. Keep on rocking!

    P.S. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

    Especially SUE, cause you are the most wonderful person I've ever met on the internet, you must know how wonderful you are! Let me tell you this tonight, on this spooky night (it's already evening in Europe - LOL), though I'm not actually celebrating, cause I'm a little bit ill and I don't even have a pumpkin!!!

  2. Or maybe I wanted to say 'what you do at Sigma makes ME believe...'

    Oh I'm always such a mess...

  3. What at great present you've got! I'm sorry to hear about your dad being ill, and that you couldn't make it to the premiere. I was looking forward to read your report ;-). It feels like I know you after reading here some time now. I wish you and your family all the best!

  4. WOW! What a gorgeous picture! I have been fortunate to meet Alastair and David Mackenzie (separately and together!) and they are lovely - and very appreciative of their fans.

    I was really sorry to hear that you were unable to attend the premiere of New Town Killers because of family illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your parents.

    I had hoped to get to London (it is not quite so far for me, about 400 miles!) but it was not possible on that date. I am hoping that it will be shown in Edinburgh soon!


  5. Hey there Sue! - now that's quite a picture! You should put it somewhere at the top of your blog page near your blog title.

    And best of luck with your Dad. That's really tough to be going through.


  6. Hi Helge, Marit, Caroline and Anna-THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for the good thoughts on my dad. I had been off having a weekend with some friends in New York and got home as he was having a rough week, felt really bad about being away, but it's so very much appreciated your good thoughts, really thanks very much.

    The photo of the gang at Sigma came as a total surprise, and at just the right time, still astonished by it, but I just adore it so much. What an incredibly cool thing to do, cause they certainly did not have to do that-just wow. Most of all, I hope more and more people will watch their work and follow their future films more too. Viva Sigma :)

    ps-Anna, yes indeed! I definitely intend to add this somehow permanently to the page, place of honor for sure :)