Monday, April 13, 2009

More on James Nesbitt's Outcast for Cannes 2010

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Over the holiday the Scotsman/Edinburgh Evening News ran a new interview with former Scottish Screener and film producer Eddie Dick, who is the force behind Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie (star of Sigma Films' acclaimed Red Road, upcoming Donkeys). In the interview, he speaks to growing up in Edinburgh and gave some reasoning behind the locales chosen for the new film:"The idea of putting your own city on film appeals even if, as in this case, quite a lot of the parts on film are not the typical tourist trap parts," agrees father-of-two Eddie, 59, boss of Makar Productions and producer of Outcast. "We filmed in a lot of places that were on their way to being demolished – Greendykes and Sighthill."

The article has some great nuggets of background on the producer and the movie itself "I was attracted to doing a horror movie," says Eddie. "And there are key elements in Outcast that I like. The story emerges from working class experiences in Edinburgh – it struck me as an unusual context for a horror film."
Mary, played by Red Road star Dickie, is one of the Sidh, an ancient race with magical powers. As her son falls for their neighbour, played by local girl, Queen Margaret University drama graduate Hanna, Cathal's threat to mother and son deepens.

Of note however, is more on what we heard earlier, that Outcast may indeed be screening NEXT MAY in France at teh Cannes Film festival (if not earlier in the year at Berlin in 2010) Quotage:When the film is given its first preview showings at next year's Cannes Film Festival, the audience will see Nesbitt in the role of the sinister Cathal who turns up in Edinburgh in search of his ex-partner Mary and her teenage son.

As we know, Outcast did complete production in Ireland over the weekend. Fingers crossed all of this holds true!!! Speaking of Mr. Dick and his production company, there was a HUGELY interesting (at least to me!) piece of info on a film they have in development called CHILD OF AIR...where apparently a trailer was filmed last fall, and teh movie is to star JAMIE SIVES AND KATE DICKIE!!!!! I absolutely could not believe my eyes, I swear someone is having a laugh on me, cause this would be too good to be true!!! However if the funding is arranged and its not a cruel joke, then omg, I lack the vocabulary at the moment to describe how thrilled I would be to see my two favorite actors starring together in one film...just just woah! BTW recommend another Makar production, called True North, which stars Martin Compston and the always on note Peter Mullan and Gary Lewis (Ithink too Mr Lewis is all over the VR trailer)


  1. More exciting news - thanks for posting! Guess I should read my local newspapers more often...

    I absolutely second the True North recommendation as well!

  2. Excellent news Sue!!

    Catching up on your previous posts after the weekend ... thanks for the trailer of Valhalla Rising - YAY! and for the snippet about Jamie - thanks A!