Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jamie Bell's Eagle of the Ninth to Base in Glasgow, Filming in Loch Lomond and Scottish Highlands

More news on the filming for actor Jamie Bell (Sigma's Hallam Foe) and his new film The Eagle of the Ninth. The Herald is reporting tonight that it is very possible the film may be based in Glasgow while filming- NO WORD at this point if they will be using Film City Glasgow as a base, but if they did, oh man, WOOT!! In this article which features a new interview with the director Kevin McDonald, he states:
"We will be basing ourselves probably in Glasgow and we will be doing five or six weeks around Glasgow and places we can travel to in a day, and then we're going to take three or four weeks with a smaller unit and travel round the country and really show the glories of the Scottish Highlands," he said. "There's an element of this story which is a travelogue in a way. It's an epic quest and we want to show the beauty and the majesty of the Scottish countryside."

The movie stars
Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell of course, with news that acclaimed actor Donald Sutherland, legend in M*A*S*H, and a guilty fave, Oddball in Kellys Heroes, has also joined the cast! Rock on Jamie!

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