Wednesday, April 15, 2009

London the Locale for Jamie Bell?

Jamie Bell fans, here is a random sort of update regarding filming for his new movie The Eagle of the Ninth. Not sure what this means for the previously reported (Variety)location shoots due for Scotland, but Screen Daily has an article on films due to shoot in London over the summer, and notes the following:

A Film London spokeswomen said, "Compared to last year when a lot of things were on hold, London is a lot busier this summer. The weakened pound has had an impact and encouraged US production companies to shoot here."She added that legislation introduced in October, which gave the local authorities powers to minimise traffic disruption during shoots, has also helped to boost London's competitiveness as a filming centre

Projects to shoot include:

- Eagle Of The Ninth directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum.

Fingers still crossed they might still film in lovely Scotland, (hint Film City Glasgow would make an excellent base, just sayin ;)) but then too there is likely a great chance for set photos for JB, cause those photogs in London are pretty hard core.

Speaking of filming in London, there is very little news on filming for the other Jamie (ok my preferred and bestestest Jamie ever :P) Jamie Sives and his new movie "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" The tabs have naturally tracked down one of the leads, the dude from Heroes, following him all over Soho or somewhere. The only shred of info of late is word that night shoots were going on last week, but alas, no idea if Jamie is involved with that or what the deal is. woe.

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