Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When a Dream Comes True

I am a lucky person.

I was trying to explain to someone today how I feel this because I have just received the most EXTRAORDINARY AND WONDERFUL of gifts today, and wanted to express my thoughts to a friend. I wrote something like

In my life I've had to work very very hard to achieve anything. I dont think Im particularly smart, attractive, nor remotely noticeable in any way shape or form. Never had a date till I went to college, was always the fat nice friendly girl who could play the French Horn and sing and was occasionally funny and pretty much am that even now.

Because I work hard, try hard, do my research, show up on time, say please and thank and still allow myself to believe and hope once in a while, I was the first girl in the history of my family to graduate college. Ive worked my way up and had some pretty significant success in news although that time is now over, I still take news and sourcing stuff seriously, even for this blog. and thru my life I've seen war, had my heart broken, been blessed with a son and have my own house, been poor as crap, almost gave into unbelievable despair and spent six months on disgraceful unhinged binge driving thru the us in a manner that makes Hunter Thompson's adventures seem like a walk in the park, won awards, interviewed Presidents of Countries, flown on Air Force One, had drinks with the president of a major motion picture studio, teach, learn, work in news, work at home, most recently was labeled a "micro internet celebrity," work on one major site, and also write this blog, and even have a band named in my honor and songs sung about me. yes really. I write this blog for instance, and when I got that photo from the great people from Sigma it was a tremendous special joyful moment, and I'm still so grateful each and every day. Its all quite mad, quite daft, quite fun, and even tho there are days I want to say stuff this, Im quite a lucky person

Today however, something very very very special, very awesome, very cool happened, things that may seem small routine no big deal to others cause stuff like this happens all the time and you surely would be justified in laughing at me, hell I would. But on the other hand, there are moments in your life you go wow and these things really touch your heart, and leave you speechless and joyful and incredulous and exuberant at the same moment. Today was that kind of day.

Today I got an interview with JAMIE SIVES. This unbelievably gracious funny talented handsome wonderful actor man person took time out of his hugely busy schedule, provided many many fabulous answers, and and and and woah I am so so so so soo lucky, amazing!


ajklhalke ahjkhklajjaljag ajklhkhke I cant even type properly at the moment. As soon as I stop dancing around the room (yes literally Ive been dancing and singing whooping like the goofball bridget jones type person I am) I will post this. STAY TUNED



  1. My comment disappeared!!! or this will turn up twice..

    You lucky girl!!! I’m looking forward to read the interview.

    This reminds me of that scene in Love Actually when Sarah finally goes home with Karl, and he kisses her. Her little happy dance around the corner is so genuine. I always imagine I would do something like that if I met my fav actor.

    I’m amazed over what you’ve achieved in your life. Remember, everything you've gone through is what makes you into the person you are today. And the result isn't that bad :-). Keep up the good work! There’s nothing a mom can’t do! (or fix, according to my son...)

    PS. I’ve finally given in and joined twitter, so now I’m keeping an eye on you :-).

  2. Oh thank you SO MUCH Marit!xx

    I adore Love Actually and that is a great description of what I was doing, just so so happy. Im working on the write up-just want it to be perfect so it might be a day or two yet before its online.

    I had such fear hed laugh straight at me, instead I got this amazing wonderful fantastic interview, just I really dont even know how to express it-if my admiration wasnt high enough before, its tenfold now.

    Huzzah for Twitter, see you there! :)

    Sue, who totally forgot to login to her Sweetonsigma account to answer lolol

  3. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!

    Oh happy day!

    Can't you just "see" the huge smile on my face. Sweet wonderful Sue!

    Sorry for the delay in responding, but 1. I dislike this time zone difference thing to find out this AMAZING news when I first get to work, and 2. How do you expect me to do any work after I've read this news anyway!? LOL (I did manage and had to do some before I could reply).

    Thank goodness I am taking my half day today - I can't concentrate on any thing much, I'm too excited and too happy to be stuck in the office - yes, I'm doing a happy dance too! (Am going out to ride Jack - do I dare to attempt our first bareback trot?)

    Sue, you have achieved so much in your life - your are a legend - and this is so totally cool!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    (and you played the French Horn! In an orchestra that is my favourite instrument). :-)

    And Jamie - you are a champion!
    Big thanks and hugs for letting Sue interview you.

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!
    (oh, I think we've all got a little bit of the Bridget Jones in us!)

    Can't wait to read the full interview (seriously, can't wait!).


    Okay, Ollie over and out.