Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rating for New Town Killers

The British Board of Film Classification has issued their latest reviews of films, and has given New Town Killers a rating of 15.

The board issues this caution to filmgoers:
Contains strong violence and one use of very strong language

Placed in the "Thriller" category, this film is noted as having a
running time of 96m 12s.

New Town Killers is directed by Richard Jobson
and stars Dougray Scott, James Anthony Pearson and Sigma Films own Alastair Mackenzie.
A June release is slated for the film
<---------------- Be sure to watch the trailer for NTK :) Note: No idea on a possible US release, when or even if. NO idea when the Soundtrack will be out (prob a week before in late may/early june? Reminder the single by Isa & the Tongues will be out next month on April 6.

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