Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Town Killers Out in June, Complete Music Video Online!

As a followup to the preview clip of the title track to New Town Killers, the entire music video is now online! Shot by Richard Jobson, it features Isa & the Filthy Tongues singing (and lmao clearly not RJ singing there lolz), as well as new clips from the film, showing stars Dougray Scott, James Anthony Pearson and Sigma Films own Alastair Mackenzie! The title song will be available on iTunes April 6 (NOTE-note sure if we in the states will get it then) In the meantime...Enjoy!

More good news too, in the form of a blog entry from Mr. Jobson who writes about Glasgow (home to Sigma), the recent film festival and notes the New Town Killers will be out in JUNE!!! wooot!THANK YOU Mr J for this!!!!

I dont why but i was apprehensive about showing NEW TOWN KILLERS in my home country. Glasgow does not take fools gladly but at the same time if they like you in the west of Scotland they really let you know about it. The screening as part of the Glasgow Film Festival festival was the best so far. Big audience, big thrills!

The tension was there in the room as each beat of the plot unfolded - this was an audience made up of people rather than critics. And it showed, they were up for it, up for the sheer visceral experience and prepared to go with rather than question the story-line. I learned lot about how the film will work when it comes out in June and fingers crossed if its in the right environment then we could at last have made a film for an audience that might actually reach them.

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  1. Any idea when the New Town Killers soundtrack will be officialy released?