Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Sives to My Eyes

I interrupt my own blog to announce that this morning, I received a fantastic
LOL and what am I on about today, you may wonder?
Well my favorite actor (or a helpful fairy in the guise of an agent or his girlfriend or something) updated his IMDB page with three new photos!
Behold... and I will try to breathe ;p

The first is my favorite, this bit of gold ;)
(guessing taken around Wilbur or lol even better One Last Chance launch?)

The next one I really like too, as the credits indicate it was taken by one of his co-stars and fellow Apostles from the BBC's The Passion, probably while on location in Morocco or wherever, realllllly like this...and
lolz it's the beard again :D

The last surely had to be an early photo Jamie looks really young I think.


  1. Thanks very much Sue for these gems.



  2. WOOT!

    You are welcome! Tis so hard to find news on Jamie, let alone new and rare pictures. Dang it hes so handsome, though Id probably be afraid to talk to him if I ever saw him in person lol.

    Anyway,while its always great to see new pics, that last one they are using as his main profile page is not my fave I think. Hes a grown man now, and I think far more handsome and versatile an actor than that pic really indicates..but lol they arent asking me thats for sure lol :)
    Have a good one!