Saturday, March 21, 2009

Digging Donkey Holes

Today the Daily Record has a new interview with actor Martin Compston (Red Road). Now say what you will about the Record, at least they are doing interviews with folks who dont always grace the pages of 'mainstream' press! (thank you Paul English!)Today ,Martin makes comments about his work in the soon to be released Damned United, his love of football, other films, as well as mentioning Sigma's upcoming Rounding up Donkeys (or Donkeys), and the work done by crew on this set and others. Quotage:

Whether he's filming the follow-up to Red Road (the as yet un released Rounding Up Donkeys) in Glasgow's freezing east end, or hanging out with Downey Jr in Manhattan he plays the game the same.

"When you're standing at the Barrow land at five in the morning in the pouring rain that's when you have to love this job and give everything you've got," he says.

"When people run around after you with umbrellas and making you cups of tea it's not because they think you're an amazingly important person, it's because they're keeping your character's clothes or hair dry, because someone's had to do a job to make you up like that."

Update: In a sidebar/supplemental article, the paper also contains the following description of the film:


A provisional title industry insiders expect will be changed to Barrowland or Donkeys. It's the second part of the Advance Party trilogy, which stipulates the three films must adhere to a set of rules, one being that each actor must appear in all three films. This movie follows Alfred, a 64-year-old who has lost touch with his family. A threat to his health makes him realise he wants to make amends. But the more he tries to do right, the more he does wrong.

I find these comments hugely refreshing and admirable indeed. Perhaps its because hes still a young man and not as jaded as others, but this was a good article to read. So why then am I all down?

Oh good I thought, I will make a big ole post and link to all the stuff about the movie that I've managed to find and perhaps bigger media will see it and woohoo let the anticipation actually begin for this movie. BUT GUESS WHAT. YET AGAIN things have gone missing in relation to things Ive specifically blogged about-things THAT MOST OTHERS ARE NOT AND DO NOT CARE about, and barely anyone is writing about save here. With all due respect NO ONE is writing about this film. If they are, please someone show me ? I feel like a giant ass yet again, because when others come here looking for stuff, and I say oh look i posted about it last year and yet, mysteriously, innocuous stuff like story boards and pics, end up gone-poof! Like a thief in the night, the thought/fan police strike. Huzzah for big brother!

Do I want to ruin anything...well lets put it in glaswegian terms FUCK NO.

Do they care what I think FUCK NO. What they might be thinking right now about me as I write this Fuck you!

probably so.


I completely understand the concerns nervousness and wanting to preserve a piece of work that youve worked long and hard on until its ready for the world, yes yes I do. It 100% is your product. However in this day and age, I think this is a bad move and will actually work against the intentions behind it.Marketing smarketing talk me all you want, with all due respect, put, if you do not want a soul to know any tiny thing about it, by all means hide under that rock, lets see who cares when suddenly you spring forth in the middle of huge economic downturn and saturated film market and an audience already bombed on every possible avenue, including the myriad that is the bloggosphere by those who are not afraid to let something be known about their films- good luck! I honest to god do not understand this thinking, behavior, I just do not


I'm not making one red cent off this blog, nor do I seek any copyright infringement or to profit off the work of others in any way shape or form. I write because I love the work and films and actors who I write about it, and I actually think quite a few others do as well,its just we are getting zip. People like me, lowly fans who show up and buy the tickets and tell their friends (and perhaps nudge a few people in teh media, hey this is agood thing) Today I guess I shouldn't be whinning, but its really damm hard at teh moment to maintain a sense of optimism, when it seems that no matter what I post about, more crap later ends up being removed ... it makes me feel like a fucking fool and its all been a big joke all along. :(((((((((

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