Friday, March 27, 2009

Circle Up the Fools, There's News on a Soundtrack to Rounding Up Donkeys!

It's a music me Friday today on the blog, as there are several pieces of news relating to various soundtracks that I will make in a couple posts:

Best at the top: There is much welcome news on Sigma Films upcoming Rounding Up Donkeys (or just Donkeys). The second installment in the original Advance Party Trilogy-first being the award winning Red Road-there is word on some of the groups we will be hearing on the soundtrack. I cant believe I missed this -fml-but a few months ago UK Framingo Records posted on their website that Fools Circle will be featuring on the soundtrack. Quotage:

We can at last reveal that FRAMINGO stalwarts FOOLS CIRCLE will feature heavily on the soundtrack of the soon to be released ROUNDING UP DONKEYS, a feature length movie currently in post production & being brought to you by Scotland's very own SIGMA FILMS (Oscar Wants to Kill Himself & Hallem Foe). Directed by BAFTA winner MORAG MCKINNON, the force behind the critically acclaimed RED ROAD, the movie is already being touted as a contender for major honours when the next round of industry gongs come up for grabs! The soundtrack will feature the fabulous INSIDE THE MOMENT as well as GOODBYE & SEE WOT YOU FEEL by the Ayrshire tunesmiths. All the tracks of course feature on the BLACKPOOL TOWER E.P. (Ming03), still available to purchase from the Framingo shop!

One this is GREAT news there is going to be a soundtrack. Two...well, to be candid, I have absolutely no idea on the music Framingo has on their label, and no idea what their music is like alas. However, you can access short previews of music to be used on the soundtrack the Fools Circle page they have linked! Note: this prob is NOT the version we will hear in the film, but still nice surprise for the weekend to say the least! :) Fingers crossed this will be a good blend and work well and compliment the movie. I'm sure it will be as Sigma has a long and acclaimed track record of using quality music in their films, they just do (Hallam Foe-stellar soundtrack, as LGW, plus the score on Wilbur and Dear Frankie= GORGEOUS). Red Road of course featured that haunting and lovely cover of the Joy Division song at the end, so the news that there are several modern pop/punk / I dunno what to call this lol, indicates to my mind the direction this film will be taking, keeping with the comedy drama-esque plot that's been hinted at over the year.

Latest cast list according to
Directed by Morag Mckinnon, Donkeys stars: James Cosmo, Brian Pettifer, Kate Dickie, Martin Compston, Natasha Watson, Natalie Press, Tony Curran

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