Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Go forth Film City Glasgow!

Right, well back on track with actual news now, the progress on Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci is continuing well, as noted in a few updates via the official blog. Colin writes that the film has been in ADR (with lovely descriptions of the dialogue recording process for post production in films and complete with footage of Jamie Bell doing ADR for King Kong from a couple years ago-nice touch Colin!)

He also noted that three of the cast were at Film City Glagow last night, working with the fine folks at Savalas (yep one of the Trifecta of S based at the lovely center) Camilla Rutherford, Colin Harris and even comedian/actor Sanjeev Kohli was in town for the recording. While Colin promises some photos are coming our way YAY!!! be sure to check out the official Facebook group for the film, where you can see some cool making of photos (that means you all you Camilla fans who have been asking! :)
I had to chuckle, for Colin noted they recruited the night watchman at FCG for some last minute help with a line-aaha improv! not quite like night at the museum but there you go!

Speaking of Film City Glasgow, they actually updated their news (which with all due respect loooong overdue, so thanks for that! ) Word is now there are new tenants in the building, as well as recaps on the work that took place last year.

On a related note, Scottish Screen released a short film guide when they announced the short film gems for 2009. I took a look at this and a few of their other guides and discovered some hidden nuggets that might play a part in future ops at Film City Glasgow and Sigma Films

Question I have:
What is the status on Rounding up Donkeys? Did they find a distributor yet? why am I the sole person asking bout this (and am i completely daft-answer possibly YES)
Are any of the forthcoming Advance Party Films going to be shot in Glasgow and use FCG?
What about part three in the advance party trilogy? Will that ever see the light of day

...interesting I guess to goofball me solely I suppose, but I also saw a bit more on projects that Sigma has had in development for a while INCLUDING NEWS ON THE SORELY MISSED PETER JINKS!!It seems he has written a script for David and company called "The Ordinary" that sounds really cool (and in keep with the popular mystery sorta Gothic themes of late.) Mr Jinks you have been missed sir-those few updates via that blog in the paper are not enough, so I consider this great news. Scottish Screen gave this some funding some time ago, so fingers crossed this may actually happen!! Also what is the deal with this one "Mr. Tourette and I" and that Navel project lolol

??? the question marks of doom bring I :p

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