Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Town Killers Update: Festival News, New Stills and Proof of Quality Film work being done in Scotland

There is news today that lucky viewers in France will get to see New Town Killers starring Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott next week, as word has it that the film is entered in competition at the Beaune Cognac International Thriller Festival.
This festival runs April 1-5, with more info on this gorgeous area of Central France, here.

As a follow to the post below of sorts, there is of course superb film work coming out of Scotland as witnessed by Sigma Films (David Mackenzie in particular) and others such as Richard Jobson who directed NTK. One person who always contributes mightily to these quality films are the cinematographers, one in particular being Simon Dennis.

Today, via his official public website, we can see some truly spectacular examples of this fine quality work in Scottish films. Mr. Dennis served as second unit on the recent Sigma Films production of Hallam Foe, where he also shot that fabulous Hallam Foe teaser trailer directed by Colin Kennedy. Simon Dennis also served as DoP on David Mackenzie's "Last Great Wilderness." At this link you can see some great stills as well as clips of Sigma's own ALASTAIR MACKENZIE at work in the film.

In addition, Simon Dennis has done some groundbreaking work with director Richard Jobson. Notably he shot the GORGEOUS AWoman in Winter, which starred dear wonderful JAMIE SIVES. Ack, sooooo beautiful, I adore this actor gah lol-OLLIE GO HERE NOW, check out these stills, clips and montages of Jamie at work this lovely unique film of Mr. Jobson's.

Finally, we have a treat as there are new stills and wonderful looks from New Town Killers, where you can see quality stills of Dougray Scott and Alastair-note this still with the breath in the cold, the shadows on the walls. Also look how he captured them in the nightclub-look at Dougray's face! beautiful work all which just reinforces in my opinion the crucial and vital nature of continued proper funding for films like NTK and future films from Sigma to continued being made in Scotland. You can read more about the work Simon Dennis and Richard Jobson did shooting New Town Killers here in this article from Sony.

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