Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad but Smiles for NTK and Martin Compston

Well, its hard to make a post that is seemingly so shallow in light of the sadness that many are feeling today with the passing of Natasha Richardson. However back on the Sigma related front there was a bit of good news, as noted by director Richard Jobson via his official twitter, press screenings for New Town Killers, starring Sigma Films co-founder Alastair Mackenzie and Dougray Scott were held yesterday in London. One reviewer got straight to the point, as witnessed by their fun 'face reviews' of the movie, seen here from DVD Review. lol thats cool, I guess she liked it :)

Also last night we saw new photos of actor Martin Compston, who appears in Sigma's Red Road with Kate Dickie and the upcoming Donkeys (or Rounding up Donkeys not sure if its formally been changed as news on that film is impossible to obtain). Anyway, here are photos of Martin at the premiere of his latest film The Damned United, which also features the work of young actor Colin Harris, who stars in Colin Kennedy's upcoming short I Love Luci.. follow? good :D No idea if Mr Harris was at the premiere but am hopeful the DU film will be good, even for ones like me who are somewhat sketchy on the background of this football club etc. American football I completely understand, soccer eh just catching on but am clueless to who is the best team to follow etc. Recommendations anyone?


  1. Okay, I'll put my 2 cents worth in, I am a sporting tragic after all. :-D

    I say follow the Socceroos! *LOL*
    (I'm biased).

    In my limited knowledge of soccer (Football), though it is getting better, the English Premier League seems to have the highest profile - well, from where I am anyway.

    As to choosing a team, that really is a personal choice. Do you have a favourite place in England? Ancestry from a particular place? That might make the decision easier.

    I follow Man U, as my Grandfather came from there (I've also been there for a visit, btw the rest of the ancestry is Scottish ;-) ). So lucky me that they just happen to be a REALLY good team - consistently! Before I was old enough to really know/care about my ancestry I did follow Liverpool due to Craig Johnston, the first Australian to make it big in Football in the UK (back in the 1980's), not that I am a die hard fan, I guess I was a fan of his more so than of the actual team.

    Soccer is not the number one sport down here either, I follow rugby league, and then which sport depends on what state you live in and what education you had (public versus private school education).

    Of course I do jump on the band wagon when the Socceroos play a World Cup qualifier (2005 our greatest sporting moment - thanks John Aloisi!) and the World Cup that followed (we was robbed!) and have watched many a World Cup game over the years.

    Sorry, I've rambled on too long.

    Having said all that, as a Jamie fan you should cast your eyes over the Hibs!!


    /Sporting tragic, over and out!

  2. Oh awesome Ollie! and Lol I love that phrase sporting tragic ! :D

    I do enjoy sports, although I have zero athletic skills myself lol.

    I know full well about college and pro football-american style-as well as golf (which if you ever watch on tv seriously will put you fast asleep lol) hockey baseball bball etc but am admittedly quite uneducated on your soccer, so THANKS MUCH for the input!

    I am going to check out that team, as well as the Hibs? I think I remember Jamie talking about them in past interviews but forgot to be honest-BAD FAN I FAIL lol, so will see what I can learn!

    Thanks again as always, so much appreciated! :) xxx

  3. No worries Sue.

    *LOL* I hear you on the athletic skills, I have none myself too!

    The only sporting thing I’m good at is falling off my horse and will be getting plenty of practice at that next week when I have to start riding him bareback. (I will be cheating and using a bare back pad that has a monkey grip on it so hopefully I will stay on longer than I usually do! *G* )

    I have been trying to play soccer with my horse, but he wont kick or nudge the ball back to me (part of desensitising play), though I can kick the ball around and through his legs. It’s the same with a fitness ball. He does, however, like to chew on the soccer ball!

    BTW, have you seen Jamie in Mean Machine? I quite enjoyed it and it may give you a little bit more of an insight to the game.