Friday, March 27, 2009

Look OutCast, There be a Giant Naked Monster in Sighthill!

Much appreciated today are two new heads up from readers today herald news of sorts regarding filming on Outcast, directed by Colm McCarthy (Tudors, one of my most fave shows, I still thrilled by this news) and starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie (Red Road, Rounding up Donkeys).

One reader let us know that yes indeed filming is ongoing in Sighthill, however James Nesbitt has NOT been on set for the night shoots that have been taking place. Not sure how much filming is going on this weekend, more when we get it!

A second comment was awesome imo, because not only are people so incredibly kind to stop by here and keep me up to date with progress on the film, this update contained a offbeat yet hilarious yet cool piece of news. The reader writes "I have been watching the filming right under my living room window in sighthill its fascinated and the chap that plays the beast (very nice Naked) but very tall chap!"

Awesome! The Beast is being portrayed by actor Ian Whyte. He is a very tall man, 7 feet tall. A former basketball player, he turned to film making, and has been seen in several major films, more info on Ian here. Brilliant-naked tall monsters stalking Sighthill! :D I love movie making! Thanks much as always to those who are taking the time out and the effort to bring these updates!!!

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