Sunday, March 29, 2009

Inner Eye Says OutCast Wraps April 11th

I always knew, like their Scottish counterparts, the Irish were magical and special, and apparently Fantastic Films has the inner eye as well! A google alert popped up from a production company TONIGHT with the date reading April 11th heralding the news that their work on Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie, has wrapped after a five week shoot. LOLOL. Thats what I call being prepared and in advance there blog team :))Ah well, at least we know for sure there are a few weeks left on the production (and yes hope springs eternal for more pics of James and esp Kate!)

Saturday, April 11 2009 00:00
Having filmed in Edinburgh for three weeks and Studio Solas in Galway for two weeks, Outcast starring James Nesbitt and directed by Colm McCarthy wraps.

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