Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OutCast Underway and Other Assorted News

A bit of a mishmash of news today, mostly NOT directly related to Sigma, but still of interest -at least to me- nonetheless. BE sure to follow Sigma on their Twitter for more!

Thanks to a wee bird(not Sigmas tho lol), word has it that production on Katie Dickie's newest film "Outcast" is underway in Scotland. A reader noted filming started yesterday in the Muirhouse section of Edinburgh. No idea where, how long, what cast /crew is involved, sorry but still-huzzah for something! This follows on what the Herald had reported a few weeks ago regarding the time table (sometime this month) as well as one of the locales mentioned. Katie Dickie is the acclaimed star of Sigma Films Red Road, and the upcoming Donkeys. Just because, here is a reminder why this woman is a hella great actress, and Im certain she will be equally good in the Outcast film

Information on practically ANY filming going on in Scotland is usually rare either from mainstream media or even bloggers-which is why the original and hugely transparent and chock full of information Hallam Foe blog from Colin and co was so exceptional lol- so this is welcome news indeed! Yes yes, doh of COURSE I know that Sigma is not directly involved in this project, Bank-side films are. I've contacted them but as usual have yet to hear anything back alas, but fingers crossed we will be hearing more on this project. To the Katie and esp the Nesbitt fans who've been asking, take this as a good sign folks, that at least one who cares is out there and may help us along in the coming days and weeks! Plus, according to both the Herald piece from last week or so and Katie's agent, filming is due for a while in Edinburgh and Ireland, so hopefully someone will be able to snap pics or report from a location shoot or something-hope springs eternal eh :D

Right, final note: Richard Jobson has received some no doubt welcomed funding for his next project, the animated Macbeth that features the voice of Dougray Scott. Mr J is pretty forthcoming on his blog about his projects thank god, so hopefully we can learn more about this too in the next few months.

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